Types of Facebook Ads Campaign.

Facebook ads can be an effective way to reach customers, driving more website visitors and conversions. Facebook helps you connect with people interested in your business so that you can sell products, generate leads, and drive traffic to your website. Facebook  ads can help you engage with your audience on a much larger scale than blogs, email or other traditional campaigns. You can choose to advertise your business or product to specific people based on their interests, location and behaviour. Create custom audiences based on actions taken by users and get detailed demographics using custom audiences.

What is a Facebook Ads Campaign?

A campaign is a series of ad sets and ads that aim to accomplish a single objective, like generating leads or increasing the number of app installs. Campaigns contain one or more ad sets. Ad sets contain one or more ads. At the campaign level, you’ll choose an ad objective to define your goals. 

Why Facebook Advertising?

  • It is cheaper compared to other forms of advertisements.
  • You can target previous visitors to your websites as well as previous customers.
  • You can increase your touchpoints with your audience, ramp up awareness, and contribute to future conversions.
  • Facebook ads can be set up to target more significant site traffic, more impressions, and even click-through-rate (CTR)
  • Over 2 billion people use Facebook so your advertisements will get to over 2 billion people making it more effective.

What are the prices for Facebook Advertisements?

It starts from $1 to thousand per day. So, you can do advertisements on Facebook for $1.

Formats of Advertising

  1. Single Image
  2. Single Video
  3. Carousel(Images and Videos)

Which format is most effective?

The most effective format is carousel as it is most interactive and informative compared to single image and single video. 

What are the types of Campaign?

There are 11 types of campaigns. Those are:

  1. Brand Awareness
  2. Reach 
  3. Traffic
  4. Engagement
  5. App Install
  6. Video Views
  7. Lead Generations
  8. Messages
  9. Conversions
  10. Catalog Sales
  11. Store Traffic
  1. Brand Awareness- It is the first stage of appreciation of your brands.
  2. Reach- It is mainly used to reach to more people.
  3. Traffic- It is used to have visitors to your websites.
  4. Engagement- To increase your followers.
  5. App Installs- For downloading your applications.
  6. Video views- Used for subscribers.
  7. Lead Generations- It is mainly used to collect forms or fill out forms.
  8. Messages- To receive direct messages from your audiences.
  9. Conversions- It is used for sales or purchase.
  10. Catalog sales- Container that holds information about the items that you want to advertise or sell.
  11. Store Trafiic- Allows you to create and deliver localized Facebook ads to people nearby and encourage foot traffic to your stores.

The main 3 Advertisement Campaigns are:

  1. Conversion
  2. Lead Generations
  3. Traffic

What Is A Facebook Video Ad?

This ad type can be used for brand awareness, app installs, reach, traffic, conversions, lead, video views, and engagement ads. Video ads are one of the best forms of ads where you can get people hooked on to for some time with your brand.

What Is A Facebook Photo Ad?

We will use Facebook Photo Ads (single image or carousel) as a part of these campaigns (Brand Awareness, Reach, Traffic, Engagement, Lead Generation, App installation, Messages, Catalog Sales, Store Traffic, and Conversions) Except Video Views. 

What is a Facebook Carousel Ad?

These are the Facebook ads that show 3 to 5 images/videos. All these photos and videos have their own headings, short descriptions, and even a call to action. These ads are horizontally scrollable on desktop and vertically on mobile. You can use these ads to show all the details of a product. You can also use these when you want to share a product story and it needs at least 3 images to tell that. 

Different Types of Carousel Facebook Ads:

The different types of Carousel FB Ads are:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Images and Videos
  • Videos and Images

How To Advertise On Facebook? 12 Steps

These are the 12 steps to advertise of Facebook:

  1. Choose your business objective
  2. Name your Campaign
  3. Setup your Facebook ad account
  4. Target your audience
  5. Defining the target audience needs proper market research(your Facebook ad will only be effective if you are showing the right ad message to the right people)
  6. Choose your Facebook Ad placements
  7. Choose a device type
  8. Choose a platform
  9. Choose placements
  10. Choose specific mobile devices and operating systems
  11. Set up your budget and schedule
  12. Create your ad

Difference between Boost Post and Facebook Ads Manager

Boost Post 

It appears on the Facebook page.

It is easy to use so beginners use it.

Has limited targeting and setting options.

Starts as a post.

Click “Boost Post” to create.

Facebook Ads MAnager

It doesn’t appear on the Facebook page.

Professionals use it to create ads.

Has many targeting and setting options.

Starts as a customizable ads.

Created in Ads Manager.


Facebook ads are a very powerful marketing tool that is here to stay. With their advanced targeting and engagement options, you can customize your advertising efforts to reach your audience more effectively than ever before. Facebook ads are the most effective way to get people to interact with your business and become brand advocates. Facebook ads is a great way to improve your business.  It’s worth checking them out if you haven’t done so already.