Yangchen deki

About Me

official me right

Hi, I am Yangchen Deki from Bhutan. I am a Digital Marketer. You can hire me to work as a Digital Marketer for your company or businesses to reach a higher level in Digital Marketing fields. I never thought I would get to this place when I started my journey as a Digital Marketer but here I am. All it takes is your hard work and dedication toward it. Trust it will work if you want it to work.

About Me

Let me share about myself.

My Journey as a Digital Marketer.

Everything never comes to you easy as you have to work hard to earn it. Likewise, it wasn’t an easy journey for me too. At times it got complicated and I lost track of what I was doing but eventually it was my dedication and interest that kept me going.

What made me want to learn Digital Marketing?

For me, I always wanted to learn marketing and I was interested in the fields of marketing. I never knew anything like Digital Marketing exist. I never thought I would be in this place I am right now, when I started to learn Digital Marketing. All I can say is that Digital Marketing is interesting as well as you will have a great career as Digital Marketing.

Our Services

Graphic design

I am a graphic designer. I can design graphics for your business, create visual concepts, using computer software or by hand, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate consumers.


Web Design

I am also a website designer. I plan, create and develop your website to generate more traffic on your websites. I can also help in creating the design and layout of a website or web pages.


Paid Advertising

I am an Paid advertiser too. I can create and publish paid advertisements for your company and businesses to generates more traffics and sales.

Our team

With our team spirit we can do anything to accomplish any goals and objectives.

Sonam Yangzom

Senior project

Ms. Sonam’s work is ethical and very professional. When she sets her mind on something she never stops until her goals are achieved. She is in charge of the team and she keeps the team spirit high.

Passang Wangmo

Graphic Designer

Ms. Passang is a great graphic designer. Her designs always got the best reviews. She can design such a graphics for you that your brands and businesses out stands others.

Customers reviews

A great blog post, I will purchase again." - Sam Smith, Marketing Consultant, Blogger & Podcaster "The best place to buy offers a variety of dazzling items." - Gail Jones , Digital Marketing Manager "I can't wait to share what I bought with my clients." - Nancy Ryder , Business Owner​
Passang Wangmo
We’re excited to share a few things we love about our digital marketing firm. Our technology solutions are designed to drive results and help our clients compete in the ever-changing landscape of online marketing. We deliver customized plans based on your unique business goals, market needs and specific buyer behaviors.​
Mila Kunis
Senior Project
I've worked with Yangchen for a long time now and it has been such a pleasant experience. He has made continuing education, training and personal coaching accessible to me in ways I never thought possible, even around my busy schedule. He always makes sure the students are engaged and enthusiastic about the content he is teaching.
Mike Sendler